Favorite Ted Talks and Videos

Videos are a wonderful way to discover new ideas and beautiful things. Ted Talks are one of my favorite sources for new ideas. I have actually subscribed to their emails so I don’t even have to search for videos, a few suggestions come to me each day and I watch what I think looks interesting.

YouTube is a resource I have only recently started utilizing. As of right now, Boho Berry, which is a channel about Bullet Journaling and personal growth, is the only channel I have subscribed to that I watch every single video. Kara’s combination of Bullet Journal ideas and authenticity as a person lights up my day each time I watch her videos.

So now to my personal favorite specific videos. I will start with what I have now and I will post more videos as I find them!

Why some of us don’t have one true calling – Ted Talk by Emilie Wapnick at puttylike.com
My fellow innovative and investigative friends, this video is undoubtedly for you. Emilie is amazingly creative with her ideas and even presents a new word she has created to describe people like us! In addition to this beautifully presented video, this link takes you to a playlist of videos called “How to understand your inner potential.”

Original Bullet Journal – Ryder Carroll with bulletjournal.com
As I mentioned above, I am a Bullet Journal nerd. And for those who have not yet heard of this concept, I would recommend taking three minutes to listen to the original idea. Although I have been “Bullet Journaling” for over 6 months now, I enjoy coming back to Ryder Carroll’s original idea after receiving many creative ideas for the journal. I find coming back to the roots of the Bullet Journal is clarifying and refreshing.

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